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Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 -


Thanks for clicking into this Ultimate Winning Guide for China Sourcing Agents.

Because the guide is so valuable, sorry that it is not for sale.  We only provide the whole guide to entrepreneurs that setting up their Hong Kong company with us to ensure that the guide remains its competitiveness, and so will you after engaging with us.

If you have the ambition to proceed with this journey to create your own wonders, and if you are ready to get your business to grow stronger and bigger, let's us share you the password to access the first three (3) chapters for FREE

Thanks! Password is on the way

Want to know what you will get?

Below with the Summary Outline for your reference, the contents within providing more insights tailor-made for China Sourcing Agents. 


Standard Ching Sourcing Agent

If you are a China Sourcing Agent currently struggling with getting more orders for your trading business, and you are having a business model similar to the above illustration, Congratulation, yes, you are at the right place and this guide is definitively a game changer to you.


This Ultimate Winning Guide is one of our NBA (New Business Accelerator) Programs tailor-made for foreigners operating a China Souring business.  No double that you are the professional and expertise in China Sourcing, and our position is more like a “Business Enabler”; by sharing with you the tools and arrangements that proven value worth by our existing clients, you will be able to get more business, exposure, and trust with the similar effort of what you are devoting now.


CatcherBiz believes in “helping you is helping us”;’ when you grow stronger and bigger, when you experienced the supports from our services, with the trust we have built, we believe that you will be more willing to introduce us with your friends and buddies.  Therefore, sorry to tell you that we can only share the first three (3) chapters for FREE.  We will share you a password (with limited time validity) to have a view of the first three (3) chapters, and the remaining parts (the most important actionable practical steps, tips, hacks, and step-by-step workflow in detail) will only be available for customers with Hong Kong company(ies) under our administration.    

The guide is over 30 pages and keeps enriching the contents, containing resources including insights, secrets, and tips from the real successful cases on

  • Getting listed on ALL China Sourcing Platforms (Alibaba, Made-in-China, HKTDC, Global Sources ...)

  • Getting more Exposure and Business Opportunities by working with CatcherBiz as a business partner rather than simply a company registration agent

  • Growing your business from stretch aiming at becoming a Global E-Commerce Expert 


We are doing this is because the tools and arrangements we have prepared to that make the magic works are easy to follow, you can tell that if this is for FREE, then too many people knowing the secrets, the greater competitions out there and less effective this Ultimate Winning Guide will be.  The first step is by setting up your Hong Kong company, and we can assure you is that the magic within this guide works to all kinds of products, as soon as you are a China Sourcing agent.

The first three (3) chapters that we prepared for you on

Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 - 采购代理的终极赢家指南




Of course, any other services or inquiries in relation to Doing Business in Hong Kong, feel free to drop us an email at

09 October 2019 Updates

We received emails from customers concerning the impacts to Hong Kong in relation to the Protest here, and about the US-China Trade War.  To facilitate all of us through this difficult time, we have prepared a comprehensive blog post (9 minutes reading time), with necessary Q&A, insights, flows, resources, and directions on Doing Business in Hong Kong now or later as a gift for all visitors to this website, and hopefully, ending up a better decision making for your business.  (Protest in Hong Kong and US-China Trade War - Still OK to start a new business in Hong Kong?)

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