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Top Tips on

Doing Trading (Import-Export) Business in China

We know what you need

We often come across with clients hoping that they have reached us for advisory services earlier.  So that the business size wouldn't stay as a simply import-export company for such a long time without discovering the whole different potentials of trading (import-export) business in China.

Catcherbiz as your Busiess Partner

We know what you desire

And Most of ALL

You want to Real local deal at Real local price!!

(1) Using English as keywords - RMB2,400.00

Taobao World.JPG

(2) Using China local terms as keywords - RMB729.00

China Taobao.JPG


You want to have your own designs and products


You want to reach the worldwide with more marketing channels


You want to diversify your risk to protection against any regional (Europe) economic downturn


You want to have talents with different mindset and culture to bring more insights, inspiration and creativity for the upcoming growth


You want synergies by bridging the West and East to maximize the profit of every deal

Bringing success to more clients is the mission of CatchBiz and therefore, we are here to share with you the top tips on using Hong Kong company as your leverage tool to reach new opportunities of your trading business in China.

We know it's not easy doing business in China

Heavy Customs Duty

Heavy Customs Duty with Different Restrictions

Increase Competition

Increasing Competition with Declining Profit Margin

Time Difference

Difficult to have Close Communication due to Time Zone Difference


Wasting time with frequent travel to China for Suppliers and Sourcing issues due to Distant and Remove Work Location

Limited Channels

Hard to explore and expand the sourcing channels for wider range of products at better cost

Asia Expansion

No idea on How to Capture the Asia Growth Potential

Difficulties of Doing Business in China

To begin with, you have to setup a Hong Kong Limited Company


on setting up a Hong Kong Limited Company

Instant Benefits of HK Co.
Dollar Bills

8.25% Profit Tax on first HKD2mil net profit

8.25% profit tax on first HKD2mill of your net profit, thereafter 16.5%, no VAT, no GST, no capital tax

Colorful Coins

RMB, EUR, HKD, USD multi-currency bank A/C

Most of the Hong Kong banks ready with USD, HKD, EUR, RMB, JPD, KRW … etc. multi-currency accounts allow you to hedge exchange rate difference, save and even gain from it


FREE Customs Duty on most re-exporting goods

Benefits to One Country Two Systems relationship with China, any goods import / export between China and Hong Kong are quick, easy and worry free.  Therefore, re-export allows you an alternative to save yourself from any potential trade war impact


Closer Supervision on China suppliers

Hong Kong people well equipped with English and Mandarin in both oral and written skills to bridge and enhance all the liaison works from orderings, payments, QC, logistics, and other ad-hoc incidents (Typhoons, custom clearance … etc)

Power of Attorney

Protection on IP rights and trademarks contracting

With Hong Kong company to act as the buying office, sourcing office, trading and logistic office, you can save your strength to focus on business development and more important, avoiding risk of leaking customers or sensitive, confidential price information to 3rd party agents, or even worse, to aggressive competitors




through Hong Kong Company as the Gateway and Bridge

HK Co. to Explore More Opportunities
Being Creative

Create your own Brand and Products

Europe headquarter focusing on design and marketing to create its own brand when Hong Kong managing all the liaison work with China suppliers


Hong Kong Company upgrades its function to searching potential manufacturers for small scale production

Flexible Payment Planning

Establish Double Tax Relief by Tax Planning

Establishment of tax substance in Hong Kong for Double Tax Treaty to further loosen tax burden

Map in Grass

Explore and Develop Asia Markets and Opportunities

Further diversify the business portfolio to capture other investment opportunities, such as real estate investments in other Asia region under high growth potentials

Other than selling back to Europe market, Hong Kong Company can also explore the Asia market alongside the development of the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road and for testing of market response

Professional Growth

Diversify Business Model and Investment 


Further diversify the business portfolio to capture other investment opportunities, such as real estate investments in other Asia region under high growth potentials

Modern White House

Permanent Residency begins with Working VISA in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Company to act as sponsor to apply working VISA for senior managements.  Permanent residency would be granted upon completion of 7-years of stay without losing original nationality


Sourcing a wider range of Products at Better cost

Hong Kong procurement talents with way more channels from all different kind of Chinese websites and local sourcing agencies to get you all sorts of suppliers that you never imagined of high quality while at the same or even lower price 

Act NOW!!

There are more and different benefits on setting up of a Hong Kong company and let's send us an email so that we can share more insights with you.

We believe when you're experiencing huge success, we will benefit at the same time and growth stronger together!!

Know more first?  Below with the link to our 3 simple steps to setup your HK company with easy. (HERE)

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