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Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 -



Magic Reveal 02 –

Exposure, Exposure and

All About Exposure

Are YOU Here - All About Exposure.jpg

CatcherBiz is here to bring you to ALL the online China Sourcing platforms, and get your business being exposed to NEW customers around the world.

Okay, you want to know more before engaging us, and it is totally all right.  The second magic that brings Dave to the new level of business opportunities is actually very simple.  We get more spotlights on Dave’s business.  Trust me, even the greatest magician won’t get any attention if he/she not performing the magic under the spotlight and is on the stage with audiences around.


  • You are expertise in China Sourcing

  • You have the Source of a BIG hit product and you know it will sell great
    (Just like the Miracle Mop by Joy Mangano)

  • You work hard to build the factory network to ensure
    the stability and reliability of the quantity and quality of your products

  • You know there are competitors, but you are confident that
    you can win the deal if you have a chance to quote and get connect with the customer


Then, what’s missing?  Let’s think about it for a minute, and have the answer in your mind with you.  Will you have the same answer like mine – because you are not listing onto those China Sourcing online platforms and unable to get discover (you are not on the stage that spotlights are shining)


The concept is simple, just like that, you have an interesting video to share, which online platform that first pop-up in your mind?  YouTube?  Vimeo?  Why is that, because you know there are more audiences, the platforms are popular, and your video will get more views, clicks and conversation rates, Right?  This is exactly the same for China Sourcing, Made-In-China, HKTDC, DHGate, GlobalSources, are the YouTube in China Sourcing world, that’s why it is important to get your business is listed in these platforms, but instead as a China Sourcing Agent, CatcherBiz will get your Hong Kong company as a Seller, as an Exporter, so that you can get in touch with customers that are coming to the stage (all the China Sourcing online platforms).

To be specific, let’s take ( as an example.  As you can see, if you would like to register on this platform as a seller, you need to have a cellphone number from (China, HK, Turkey, Guinea or S.Korea) and only China and HK have “Enterprise” User Type registration, that’s tricky, and trust me, the easiest way would be registering a Hong Kong company as a foreigner, agree?

DHGate Screen.jpg

I think you now have a clearer picture of what CatcherBiz is bringing to you and we have more chapters of this winning guide that will show you all the step-by-step procedure helping you get there.  If you have the China Sourcing skills and brilliant products that ready for new customers, do not hesitate to contact us for setting up your Hong Kong company, because to protect our existing customers, we will only share the remaining part of the guide to customers that having their Hong Kong companies under our administration.


Exposure, Exposure and All About Exposure, position your business in the strategic position, and that is the gateway of all the traffics focusing together, so that you will get the most attention, and where the business opportunities will be maximized when you doing right.

Diversify Your Business.jpg

Are you ready?  You don’t need to wait, simply send us an email at, and we can get everything starts by setting up YOUR Hong Kong company so that we can share with you all the remaining tips and practical steps of the winning guide once your company has incorporated as FREE gift.  Please note that this is the special ONE TIME offer we provide here with a limited time only; this is because the core service of a registered agent is on company set up, we can facilitate this New Business Accelerator program to a limited number of customers, or we need to charge a MUCH higher fee to provide the same level of support. 

What are you hoping for in twelve (12) months?  What would your business be like?  It is your turn to make the decision.

The first three (3) chapters that we prepared for you on

Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 - 采购代理的终极赢家指南




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