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Application for permits for online sale of foods activities

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Extract from HKSAR government press releases website

In light of new online food selling activities including those operating without physical premises, the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has prepared a new set of permits for the regulation of online sale of restricted foods to safeguard food safety. Permits for selling restricted foods online will be open for application from 22 February, 2016. The restricted foods specified in Schedule 2 of the Food Business Regulation (Cap. 132X) include sashimi, sushi and oysters to be eaten in raw state, etc.

The permits require that the restricted foods must be obtained from lawful sources, that they shall not be tampered with during transportation to prevent cross-contamination and that the food products shall be kept in hygienic condition at a safe and proper temperature at all times. Operators should also provide permit information on their websites such as the permit number, registered address and the restricted foods permitted for sale, for consumers’ reference and verification at the FEHD website. For details of application for an online restricted food permit, please make reference to our website at

In addition, the FEHD will also impose new licensing conditions on premises issued with food business licences/restricted food permits if they operate online sale of endorsed or permitted food at the same time. The new licensing condition will take effect when existing licences/permits are renewed, and applicable to newly issued licences/permits with immediate effect. The licence/permit applicants, licensees and permittee concerned will be notified of the details in writing.

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