Why you need an agent to setup and maintain your Hong Kong company?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hong Kong company setup agent

You might heard that this is easy to setup a company in Hong Kong, such as 1-day incorporation, e-registration ... etc and thinking you may even setup the company by yourself to save some money for your business. Here we have some reasons on whey you should hire an agent to setup and maintain your Hong Kong company

Focus your time and energy

For a startup or expanding business, there are too many tasks waiting for you, any non-core business activities should consider outsourcing and allow you focus on more important tasks that enable your business getting on track.

Mitigate Risks

Although it might sound easy to setup a Hong Kong company, there still legal framework and regulatory issues behind these works. Leave the work to the expertise can ensure compliance, also you have someone to blame in case on any situation happened. Furthermore, you can always get a quick answer for any question in your mind.

Reduce cost and optimize performance