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Why you need an agent to setup and maintain your Hong Kong company?

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Hong Kong company setup agent

You might heard that this is easy to setup a company in Hong Kong, such as 1-day incorporation, e-registration ... etc and thinking you may even setup the company by yourself to save some money for your business. Here we have some reasons on whey you should hire an agent to setup and maintain your Hong Kong company

Focus your time and energy

For a startup or expanding business, there are too many tasks waiting for you, any non-core business activities should consider outsourcing and allow you focus on more important tasks that enable your business getting on track.

Mitigate Risks

Although it might sound easy to setup a Hong Kong company, there still legal framework and regulatory issues behind these works. Leave the work to the expertise can ensure compliance, also you have someone to blame in case on any situation happened. Furthermore, you can always get a quick answer for any question in your mind.

Reduce cost and optimize performance

Even you have strong confident on your competence on setting up a Hong Kong company, will it be a wise time spent to investigate and learn to perform on a task that you will only perform once over years? Not to mention that it might take you more time or money to rectify later-on if some minor mistake has made during the process.

With a good agent, despite the company kit you will obtain, you may even earn a trustworthy local guide to increase your on-boarding speed to reach your local market and achieve your business goals. You can ask the agent for some local business tips, any short cut for certain local license applications, advisory services on tax planning and company structure ... etc. These value added services always overlooked and at the time you have settled with a poor agent or without an agent, you may sacrificed a golden business chance for this without knowing it.

Local representative for urgent or ad-hoc situation

At the first few years, you might need to travel around to build your business, but the world keeps spinning. You might not want to hire an assistant at an early phase, and even you have, the assistant might not be able to handle everything pops-up. At this moment, the agent will serve as a back-up or additional hands to assist you on any urgent or ad-hoc situation.

Timely updates on local market or political change

Nowadays, endless changes happens and it might be a good business opportunities if you can catch the tide timely and nicely. With a good local agent that will proactively provide you with periodic updates about local government policies or the hot market discussed topic, surely you can aware any business chances earlier and can plan ahead.

A local guide assists you to reach your local or regional customers

Cultural, language and habitual different always a headache when entering an overseas market, absentminded small mistakes might destroy all your efforts. In return, if you reach a good agent and treat him / her as a friend, some hidden doors to reach your local or regional customers might be opened with less competition allow you to gain competitive edge with a bigger success.

Less headaches with higher efficiency

Best of all, with an affordable price in exchange with a great start certainly gives a boost to your business with confident and clear direction. Don't under estimate the importance of the first step when you are targeting the top of a mountain.

If you have more ideas on this topic, or you have experienced the opposite and wish to share your view, please drop us a comments, or reach us by email

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