How to come up with your Company Logo?

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Continue to my last post on "How to come up with a Good Business Name", this is an article of tips and steps on how I come up with my company logo, hope this can bring you some sparkles on your logo design too.

Trust me, in 4 simple steps, you can come up with your own unique logo!!

Get some basic concepts.

This is my first design concepts I got from after the first design phase, you can see some artworks that I obtained the Internet as reference, also some ideas pops-up in my head.

Your logo in pure words

  • Feelings of your company name Stylish? Professional? Freedom? Cute? Fun? Artistic? Strong? What impression you would like to give to your client about your company? Other than the logo itself, the font type of your company name also creates a feelings that's you should pay attention to.

  • Try merge your company name into the logo. Like FedEx, CocaCola, Google, Facebook ... all these great brands directly adopt its company name as the company logo, before jump to a shape form logo, perhaps word form logo fit your company even more.

This is my second design phase of my logo, you can see I try to merge my company name in different form and see if it stands out. You can see some of them already in good shape.

Any ideas pops-up do matters

  • Draw some drafts. On paper, in your phone, with apps, by free software ... no matter how, try to create something that you pops-up in your mind, perhaps one of them will become your final logo design.

  • Give yourself sometimes. I came up with my logo for around 3-4 months, and trust me, I did't get my logo right for just a few tries like I showed you here, I asked friends for their opinions, I went for art museum for inspiration, I repeated the same concepts for several twists before I found it not suitable.

This is my third design phase, where I extracted several other logo concepts that fits my company name but not being adopted finally.

Choose ONE and make it perfect

  • Nailed it!! Now, you already have quite several design concepts in your hand, now, it is the time to choose one you like most and try to make it perfect.

  • Create a electronic version. First step is of course to draw it with a professional software, like Photoshop, Illustrator. If you don't want to purchase a software, I recommend you with the GIMP free software, which I used it to create my logo artwork:-

  • Hire a professional. On the other hand, you can hire a professional or a freelancer to help you complete your work.

This is the flow on how I came up with my logo from beginning draft to its final version.

Welcome your inputs to furnish this article and facilitate more entrepreneurs pursuing their dreams. I think good logo surely make your company more alive with spirit to strive for success.


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