HK Co. Essentials - Change of Director

This article is to give a brief outline on how to arrange change of directors of a Hong Kong private company.

Director is the position specific under Companies Ordinance

Unlike a director as a job title, the director in a Hong Kong private company has special power to control and manage the company, even to approve allotment of shares, and to acquire or dispose assets of the company.

Normally, to add a director, such should be appointed by the Shareholders or the Board of Directors of the Company; while to remove a director, one more trigger is initiated by resignation of the director.

To begin with, the Company has to inform the Company Secretary (usually the outsourced agent) about the change, and instruct the agent to prepare the necessary documents by informing three (3) main items, i) the resigned director, ii) the appointed director, and iii) the effective date.

Know Your Customer (KYC) as per Anti-money laundering regulation