HK Co. Essentials - Change of Company Name

It is very important for the company having a good name. A good name can bring a broad development path to the company. In end of 2016, we shared a blog post on how to come up with a good business name (link here). Just in case you hare a brilliant company name that suits your business so well, and would like to change your company name, this article will share you how to do that.

Availability of proposed company name

Prior to proceed name change, we need to check whether the name can be registered. For private limited company in Hong Kong, the company must end with “Limited” in full for English name, and “有限公司” for Chinese name. This is legal requirement to allow public to easily identify that this is a limited liability company, not a sole proprietorship (unlimited company).

Another thing is that you need to ensure within the company name, there is no restricted words, offensive words, or miss leading words that will contrary to the public interest. For example, you cannot register a company with the name “The Hong Kong Registrar Company Limited”, where “The” together with “Registrar” will create a misleading information to the public that this is the unique government authority in Hong Kong to perform the Hong Kong company registration.

We would like to share above with you is because when you input these kind of company names search in the government name search system, it will not show you that this is prohibited, but only showing yo