FAQ - Change of Company Name

In last blog post, we shared some basic and essential information about Change of Company Name of a Hong Kong private limited company (link here); Companies Registry has provided FAQ section (link here) to answer some commonly asked questions, we also would like to share some interesting questions and respective answers where you may encounter in future.

Q1. Can I have Italian / Japanese / Simplified Chinese characters in my company name?

Company Registry currently only accepts English Company Name and Traditional Chinese Company Name, characters in any other languages will not be accepted.

Q2. Then, how about I wish to have an English Name “Go Go A Limited” with Chinese Name “高高A有限公司”?

In Company Registry FAQ#6 (https://www.cr.gov.hk/en/faq/faq02.htm#06), we aware that English words/letters can not combines with Chinese characters in a company name.

Yet, for this kind of request, we will suggest client to register the name ““高高A” as “Brand Name” (Business Name in official) in the Business Registration Certificate. Just like the famous brand name “Red A” or “紅A” in Hong Kong, their official registered name is actually “Star Industrial Co., Limited” (link here)