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Business Culture and Etiquette - Doing Business in Hong Kong

The Business Cultures and Etiquette on Doing Business in Hong Kong is like a mixed dish, difficult to tell it is Western Style or Fusion Chinese. In this blog post, we will show you some tips, and practices on how you should be doing business in Hong Kong without breaking a taboo.

To highlight with, there are quite some differences between Hong Kong and Mainland China in terms of Business Culture and Etiquette, Hong Kong is an international city welcoming different business cultures and etiquette, and It would be awkward to apply the cultures and etiquette of China here in Hong Kong.

1) How to Bargain in Hong Kong

  1. Hong Kong is a small, densely populated city with a price tag everywhere. Making most of the products and services need to be transparent in pricing, or else, due to high competition (your competitors just next door)

  2. E-commerce and E-shopping are popular in Hong Kong, and we used to check the price online before purchasing - -

  3. Even there are one or two cases of over-pricing, the Consumer Council in Hong Kong is actively dealing with complain about any unfair trade practices in Hong Kong. The council even with a Price Watch platform for the public to check the price of a certain good of major supermarkets

  • In this business environment, Hong Kong people tend to stick to this culture in doing business and offer a reasonable price at the beginning (Market Price) and reserve a thin room for discount

  1. From below figure of Statistics of Offshore Trade in Goods by the Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong, the gross margin is only about 6% for Hong Kong sellers, which means most of the companies can offer you is about a 3-5% discount in most of the case

  2. Instead of lengthy bargaining, Hongkongers prefer to work for a quick deal (chase for efficiency), with the International Trade Hub status, we make profits through volume

Norma Gross Margin of a Merchandising Business in Hong Kong
Norma Gross Margin of a Merchandising Business in Hong Kong

  • The Practice of bargaining on Doing Business in Hong Kong – If you are really eager to have a discount …

  1. Determine whether after a 5% discount, will you be able to accept

  2. Ask for it at the last minute, show that you are serious in closing the deal and ready to engage

  3. Just Ask” for the discount, which saves the time for your counterparty

  4. Give a “Good Reason” – most of the time, you are not facing the final boss, a good reason helps the staff to request a deeper discount you, for example, you need to attract the local customers to try the product in order to make a bigger order next time

  5. Usually, with this strategy, you will obtain a final offer, and any further discount negotiation will simply be rejected, even not willing to do business with you in the future

2) What is the communication style of Doing Business in Hong Kong?