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Chapter 02 - It's Time to Wake Up

Chapter 02 - It's Time to Wake Up

Great Day to you.  Last week, I shared about my first commitment, if this is the usual motivational blog, this time, I should already sharing my successful journey, talking about how successful I am today, then start luring you to use my service or promoting some products to bring you success.

But, that's a lie.  Trust me, once you feeling relaxed, and "Lie Down", you won't "Wake Up" ... there is no magic in the real world, only self-deception, it is the time to "Wake Up".

That what actually happened next?

I was struggling with poor progress, the plan hardly got any further.  Exercise only once per month, the book was there on the desk but still in chapter 01, my business plan stopped on the first paragraph about the vision of my company; the only thing changed was that I started drinking coffee with less sugar rather than tea, as the bitterness is easier to tolerate.

I don't remember exactly, but it lasted for at least 3-4 months like this.

I was not happy, and full of frustration, I tried to read something that motivates, but it didn't help a bit.  Finally, one day, I toke up a pen and paper, started to think and write down why I failed to perform anything so far.

At first, I wrote down that "I am lazy" ... and starring at that word for a very long time.

Okay ... I am lazy, that's just a fact, I knew, then "What Next"?  Yes, "What Next" is very very important because it actually activates my mind to really dig into my problem.  I wrote down:

-  Too tired after work

-  Playing "Monster Hunter" and "Tower of Savior" (Games), used lots of time

-  Watching TV, even the show wasn't interesting

-  Browsing Facebook, Instagram, YouTube ... etc (Endless browsing ... =.=||)

-  Forgotten, no schedule, no reminder, no punishment ... 

To sum up, most of the time,  I was struck into the old living style, and I wasn't "Wake Up" at all.  After all the items listed out, only one final question waiting for myself to answer.

"What I determined to Give Up?" That's what I had written down

-  Give up some entertainment time

-  Use the mobile alarm clock to reserve "a dedicated period" to nurture the new habits

-  ONLY can play the game after the task completed

-  Created my own schedule -  every evening ONE (1) task to complete

    ( - use Daily Routine Chart by Benjamin Franklin

-  Award once a while - Finished "Rich Dad Poor Dad" in one month, buy a pair of nice shoes

Daily Routine Chart by Benjamin Franklin

Today, I think this is actually a Cognitive Awareness process.

I admitted honestly to myself of who I am, simply a weak and vulnerable person.  From that point in time, I started to (Re) (Mind) myself

-  Re-organize my mind

-  Re-structure my mind

-  Re-discover my mind

Then, finally, I "Wake Up" and the new life begins.

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