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Chapter 04 - Prioritize Your Life

Prioritize Your Life

Okay, I started my new habits with my action plan.  It went well for a while, yet boredom and loss of motivation attack me again.  Ah ...... motivation ... finally, it is still about motivation.

Yes, that was the time I also doubt myself and trying to get something to boost my mind, yet finally, I came to the question

Why I devote my time (life) to this action plan?

If you also have the same question for yourself, Congratulation, because this has already proven that you are one step forward, and because the goal you have in mind is much clearer, where the map, the path, the milestone started to layering into your mind.

However, sorry that there is no magic or universal answer to this question.  Everyone has to find "The Purpose of Life" of his/her own.  Instead of giving you the answer, here we can only show you the direction, and that is to utilize and prioritize your time (life) of what you define "Most Important" to yourself. 

Correct, at this point, we need some time to talk about mindset.

To allow yourself enough knowledge to define the "Priority of Your Life", you need to train, nurture and build your mindset with purpose ... by reading books, listening to TED talks, discussing with your own, then answering to yourself.  

Instead of strengthening one or two particular mindsets (Persistence, Determination, Passion ... etc.), you should be increasing the "Overall Self-cognitive Awareness" about your own life, so that in every bit of your life aiming for beneficial to your ultimate goal.

Self-Actualization Pyramid:

In every layer, we need to think, then define our own priority, on how much time we have to devote, finally, keep reminds ourselves of the reason, the purpose, the unique "motivation" to keep us moving on.  In short, by strengthening our own mindset, we trigger the mechanism to motivate from inner-self rather than being frequently affected by the outside world. 

Talking about the outside world.  Yes, this is a very distracting world nowadays, and therefore, we also need to prioritize the relationship circle as well, apart minding our own business, tidy up the time (life) spend on each circle will also beneficial in persuing our own action plan.

Remember, you don't need to disconnect with the world to make yourself a better person, instead, always try to build something for yourself when you are in other circles:

  • Giving so that you are actually Gaining

  • Teaching so that you are actually Learning

  • Spending so that you are actually Saving

  • Being so that you are no longer simply Doing

To begin with, I recommend you with the book THE ALCHEMIST - By Paulo Coelho