Chapter 00 - Hack Your Brain

Ch.00 - Hack Your Brain


Thanks for clicking into this blog post. This is a brand-new series about the Startup Journey of CatcherBiz. Trying to sharing something that’s important, valuable, and insightful while in a leisure way without specific format, just like a dairy to allow us to go through the steps of our story together. Love your Likes, Comments, Shares and Feedbacks and hope you find it interesting.

Day 00 – Everything at the very beginning

Can’t remember exactly, but when looking into the materials I have saved under the folder “Startup”, it was about mid-August of 2013 and for your record, CatcherBiz Limited was incorporated on 19 May 2016, so it takes around three (3) years to finally get my startup started.

Then, what’s happening during that three (3) years? Okay, I’ll tell you one idea in each post so that we can think about and refresh again once awhile. The article I saved in 2013 was something about “Hack Your Brain”, although I think the post already gone, you can search from Google of similar resources and materials that inspire and motivate you.

The most insightful concept that changed my world is that we can actually HACK OUR OWN BRAIN!!! You know what, I was in my early thirtieth and I started to realize my limitation, and there were many things that I was unable to change, yet, I still have many years to live, perhaps 50-60 more years, and that’s very scary. Where the article lightens me up in several ways

  1. WE can always change the way we wanted to be, no matter how old we are;