HK Co. Essentials - How to Find a Notary Public in Hong Kong

Updated: Jan 5

This is a short guide on how to find a Notary Public in Hong Kong, you will be able to get the Notary Public Hong Kong list, the recommendation fee guide of Notary Public in Hong Kong, and most importantly, the step by step procedure on how to obtain the right Notarization Service in Hong Kong that matches your needs.

Notary Public Meaning in Hong Kong

Notary Public in Hong Kong is regulated by Cap. 159 Legal Practitioners Ordinance, under Section 40B, it highlights the Powers of Notaries Public as below

Without affecting the generality of subsection (1), the reference to powers in that subsection includes a reference to—

(a) the power to attest, authenticate or certify the due execution of documents; (b) the power to note or protest bills of exchange and to attest, by an act of honour, payment of bills of exchange for honour supra protest; (c) the power to administer oaths, affirmations or declarations.

Therefore, unlike certified true copy, when you approach a solicitor for notarization service, likely you are seeking a combination of services,

To certify the corporate documents of your Hong Kong company;

  • To sign a document (for example, Power of Attorney) in front of the solicitor with the proper capacity (Director) with verification of identity; and

  • Declare in front of the solicitor that you make such deci