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HK Co. Essentials - How to obtain a Certified True Copy in Hong Kong

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

You need to obtain a Certified True Copy of your Passport, Residential Address Proof and Corporate Documents for setting up a company in Hong Kong or open a bank account in Hong Kong, later-on, you need to obtain a Certified True Copy of your Hong Kong corporate documents as proof for your business activities outside Hong Kong.  In this article, we will show you in detail, who can sign a Certified True Copy in Hong Kong, Step-by-Step how you can obtain a Certified True Copy in Hong Kong, and also, most importantly, Where you can find the right certifier to prepare you the required Certified True Copy document in Hong Kong.

Occasions you need to obtain a Certified True Copy?

Below are the common occasions (when) you will need to obtain a certified true copy in Hong Kong and which qualified certifiers they will accept 

  • For Bank account opening in Hong Kong Because all Banks and Financial Institutes are governed by the HKMA (Hong Kong Monetary Authority), the acceptance of the certified true copy although slightly differ from bank to bank, the guidelines from the HKMA still an important reference (Under "Anti-Money Laundering & Counter-Financing of Terrorism" Column, and you will find respective guidelines for Financial Institutions (FI) and Stored Value Facility Licensees (SVFs)) (Under page 46 (4.11.8) of the Guideline for Financial Institutions (FI))

Who can sign a Certified True Copy in Hong Kong

To summarize, three types of authorities and professionals will be accepted, with the link below for you to find someone to sign a Certified True Copy in Hong Kong for you

  • A TCSP Licensee and the Company Secretary Professionals working there

  • A CPA Firm and the Certified Public Accountants (Practising) working there

  • A Law Firm and the Practising Notary Public Solicitors working there

You can tell those different authorities accepting different certifier, multiple options with various standards, so

Which one will be the most cost-effective and easiest to obtain?

Believe me, when applying one in an actual case, it is even more complicated than cost and process, especially when the officer of the requester handling your case with less experience, the more refusion it will be, wrong certify wordings, image not clear enough (blur), certifier not qualified one ... etc.  Imagine that at the end of the day, you follow all the instruction, but the certified documents being rejected eventually, that's a nightmare.

A BIG BIG Tips for you

To avoid hurdles, our customers usually appoint the registered agent like us to arrange the Certified True Copy as one-stop service, because we incorporated your Hong Kong company with KYC (Know Your Customer) already conducted, we know you well and we are the right introducer to link you to the right certifier.

Also, CatcherBiz is the first batch of licensed TCSP licensee in Hong Kong in 2018, knowing clearly who to sign the Certified True Copy in Hong Kong for you is the best for your circumstance.

Where you can find a qualified certifier

Of course, if you would like to DIY, it is totally alright, below are the links of the directories where you can find a qualified certifier in obtaining a certified true copy in Hong Kong.

How does CatcherBiz help you?  Step by Step in obtaining a certified true copy in Hong Kong

Other than arranging a certified true copy in Hong Kong by us as a TCSP Licensee or Company Secretary professional, you can obtain a certified true copy by Hong Kong practising CPA, Hong Kong Solicitor, Notary Public through us as well. We will liaise for you with a step by step procedure

  1. Understand the purpose of the certified true copy and let you know who would be the right certifier for this job

  2. Seek quotations from several providers to give you the best cost and soonest time frame to complete the job

  3. Upon your confirmation, explain to you how is the process, and what documents we need from your side

  4. Closely monitor the certified true copy process, share you with a sample before execution to ensure the receiving party is comfortable with the certify wordings, the format, the image clarity, together with the relevant weblink to verify the qualification of the certifier

  5. With the certified true copy documents on hand, we will make a colour scan copy for you first, and share you the courier airway bill to let you know the soonest time you can receive the documents

Come and share your inquiry to, we will get back to you within two (2) working days. Furthermore, for any Hong Kong company formation inquiry or doing business in Hong Kong issue, please feel free to drop us an email for a FREE email consultation, cheers.

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