Protest in Hong Kong and US-China Trade War - Still OK to start a new business in Hong Kong?

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

US-China Trade War + Protest in Hong Kong

Some Updates (Early 2020)

The political conflicts in Hong Kong remain unresolved, and such stress internalize becoming the hidden agenda of doing business in Hong Kong

  • Protests although less intense, small conflicts from time to time becoming the norm

  • It seems the Hong Kong local business environment highly affected in Hong Kong, the truth is shifting to more political selective - "Yellow Economy" and to online and upstairs shops, safe and cost cautious

  • Stock Market more volatile, yet, due to Alibaba proceeded the Hong Kong listing on Dec 2019, it released a strong signal that Hong Kong remains the investment hubs for Mainland China, rather than loss of the gateway status with an easy replacement

  • Results of