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We are the catcher in the field, we see the entire field of play.  We are here to be your personal catcher.  Let's pitch NOW!!

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Why CatcherBiz?

Before we share our story, may I invite you to spend 3 minutes reading our below blog post? 


Thank you.  If you agree with the content of the above blog post and looking for a company set up service agent that serves you with a professional manner and business acumen, provides practical feedback and advice promptly in facilitating your business, yes, CatcherBiz is the matching choice for you.


We are not asking for your trust without any doubt, instead, we are asking you to test us, test us with the rules that we shared in our blog since the end of December 2016 to help yourself in finding a matching partner to administrate your Hong Kong company:

Vision and Mission of CatcherBiz

The Why? How? and What? in the above picture tile is the Vision and Mission of CatcherBiz in accordance with the "Golden Circle" by Simon Sinek.  


Who we are? 

We are CatcherBiz (Catch-your Business)

Our goal is to become your "Business Enabler", helping you catching your business opportunities alongside your growth.  Like a supportive, resourceful hand of a catcher, nurturing your baby business from the very beginning.  

CatcherBiz Logo

What YOU will get upon engaging with CatcherBiz?


CatcherBiz is a registered agent (TCSP Licensee) 100% based in Hong Kong with local professionals bringing all the knowledge, resources, networks you required to build your business in Hong Kong with ease.


What YOU will get?


  • FREE consultation – 3 rounds by email, plus 30mins Skype conference (if required)

  • Transparent Fee Quote before any payment (NO hidden cost)

  • Transparent Service Scope of the complete company formation solution, and what Statutory Company Documents you will receive, same as that shown on CatcherBiz Main Page

  • During the service period, unlimited email support to ensure your onboarding process smooth with ease

Being your first business partner here in Hong Kong, CatcherBiz is more than a company service provider, we are your trustworthy local friend eager your success because that will make us a life long win-win relationship.

Further Discount?

CatcherBiz gives you the best offer before you even ask for the discount, and we welcome Apple-to-Apple comparison to our transparent package price.  The price you paid will always value-added here with CatcherBiz with the time you saved, the resources and supports, and your experience through our service will prove that.  Of course, if there is any service you don't need at all, we are happy to adjust the price tailored for you.

One-Stop and Hassle-Free

Yes, we are confident to say that engaging with CatcherBiz is certainly value-added, because starting from the day you engaged with us, we will share a very clear workflow with you to ensure no time will be wasted in building your greater success with your Hong Kong company.


Along with your business growth, CatcherBiz is ready here to provide all relevant supports to escalate your business one step further through different services:


  • Preparation of Bank Account Opening

  • Compliance and maintenance requirement of a Hong Kong company

  • Book Keeping, Accounting, Auditing and Taxation Requirements in Hong Kong

  • Notarization of Hong Kong company documents

  • Website Domain Name Registration

  • Trademark Registration in Hong Kong / China

  • Contact information of Chamber of Commerce and Consulate General for network building

  • VISA Application and guidance on living in Hong Kong

  • Hong Kong Office Leasing Liaison

  • Hong Kong Recruitment Service


For the needs beyond the above scope, please do share with us so that we will strive the best to get you the answer because the more answers we found, the stronger we are able to help others in the future.


Get in Touch

Ready to give us your test?  Simply reach us at catcherbiz@outlook.com to obtain your FREE consultation and quotation on the company set up in Hong Kong.  More direct, write down 3-5 company names in your mind in below message box, we will conduct a company name search for you, again, 100% FREE, even more, we will get back to you asap, together with other possible alternatives just in case the name already occupied.