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"Catch Your Business" is our Mission

“Many friends of mine are business owners during my earlier time as a company secretary; they all with the Entrepreneurial Spirit, yet not every one of them succeeds, NOT that they are lazy or dumb, mostly because lack of a helping hand when needed, especially a second opinion on some cultural perspectives about business in the East.  


At that time, I was warned on putting too much help on work unrelated matters with no revenue-generating purpose.  But I knew deep down that companies are the containers of businesses; we are needed because your business is doing well in the long run, and that’s why the story of CatcherBiz begins, we eager for your success!!”

The goal of CatcherBiz is to become your "Business Enabler", helping you catching your business opportunities alongside your growth.  Like a supportive, resourceful hand of a catcher, nurturing your baby business from the very beginning.


We are CatcherBiz (Catch-your Business)

CatcherBiz Logo

Why CatcherBiz?

This is the question.


CatcherBiz is a registered agent (verify here - TCSP Licensee) 100% based in Hong Kong with local professionals bringing all the knowledge, resources, networks you required to build your business in Hong Kong with ease.  The FREE Definitive Guides on Company Set Up and Doing Business in Hong Kong are the examples of the supports that you will receive after engaging with us.


Therefore, the true question is, whether CatcherBiz is the matching choice for you?  To answer that, let’s take a look from below two posts that summarized from what our existing customers experience with:



If you trust that a local company service provider with good business acumen in providing practical feedback, advice, and guides is a wise choice, then, yes, CatcherBiz is the matching choice for you.


You don’t need to trust in CatcherBiz without any doubt, instead, you are much welcomed to send us your inquiries, test us to see if we are your match.

What YOU will get upon engaging with CatcherBiz?


  • FREE consultation – 3 rounds by email, plus 30mins Skype conference, put tests to ensure CatcherBiz is your match

  • Transparent Fee Quote before any payment (NO hidden cost)

  • Transparent Service Scope, we post them in CatcherBiz Main Page

  • Unlimited email support because we are your Business Enabler

Being your first business partner here in Hong Kong, CatcherBiz is more than a company service provider, we are your trustworthy local friend eager your success because that will make us a lifelong partnership.

Get in Touch

Ready to give us your test?  Simply reach us at to obtain your FREE consultation and quotation on the company set up in Hong Kong.  More straightforward, write down 3-5 company names in your mind in below message box, we will conduct a company name search for you, again, all 100% FREE, even more, we will get back to you asap, together with other possible alternatives just in case the name already occupied.

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