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Hong Kong as an international hub with all different talents gather together, generating synergies and creating all sorts of new ideas and business opportunities here.  Most of all, Hong Kong is a very business friendly environment where you don’t need to apply any prior approval from the government side for general type of business, such as general trading, IT services, retail shops, translation services, design house … etc.  For certain type of business, after setting up of the Hong Kong company, a separate license is required to apply with relevant government regulatory department for commencing business and we would like to share several frequently asked choices for your information.

Hot Choices of HK

Clients' Choice of

Hot Hong Kong Businesses

All of above businesses are required to obtain additional license with physical office and headcount in Hong Kong.  CatcherBiz is here to facilitate with all the resources and act as your trusted partner to ensure the initial phase of your start-up business in Hong Kong smooth and effective.  We support you from bank account opening, first hiring, office leasing, license application and even renovation.

Travel Agent

Any tickets, resort, hotel, cruise booking; tour, sightseeing, travel arrangement and advisory service 


Hong Kong people love travel, and because Hong Kong is so busy and crowded, people often looking for escape during holidays to take a break, relax and recharge for their tough life.

Also, there are many expatriates around the world seconded by their headquarter to Hong Kong for expansion of Asia business, they will also looking for travel arrangements for different kind of Eastern style travel experience, such as China history walk, Thailand resort, Vietnam SPA, Taiwan hiking ... etc., where good English speaking quality travel agents have a good demand here.

Another hot area is landscape walk in Hong Kong, because of excellent transport system in Hong Kong, in recent years, there are some tours focusing on Nature Parks and Outlying Islands for expatiates. 


Education Centre

Business schools, Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary, Post-Secondary Education and Tuitional or Leisurely Courses


Continuing education is widely promoted in Hong Kong, the government even increased the subsidy of all Hong Kong people another HKD10,000.00 starting from 1 April, 2019 to promote the atmosphere of life-time learning (News Here).

Other than that, HRs in Hong Kong believe in all sorts of training can benefit the grow of business, and therefore often encourage and suggest different training courses to the management, such as time management, NLP, managing techniques, leadership training ... etc.

Because of great IT infrastructure and easy to arrange working VISA, many native speakers  trends to set up language centre in Hong Kong to attract Mainland students, especially during summer terms, and when mature with certain reputation, they will step-in to China for greater opportunities


Food and Beverage Business

Restaurant, CAFÉ, Bakery, Take-away Shop, Ice-cream Shop, Bar, Snack Shop or Food products factory.

Being named as food paradise, Hong Kong  attracts many people  to test their chiefs and see if their dishes can get stars in Michelin, because it is how words of mouth widely spread over a very short period of time when this is the spot that everyone first in mind about great food.

Also, when there is a place of different cuisines mix and match all in one tiny place, fusion and inspiration is where great new ideas came from.  Some of the world famous restaurant chosen Hong Kong as one of the key location is actually treating the kitchen as laboratory to invent new taste to ensure they are keeping their competitiveness at all time.

Food Import and Export

General Food products only, usually packaged snacks, bottled drinks, fruits, canned foods, Herbs and Spices … etc,



Although Hong Kong is well-known as International Finance Centre and most of the GDP is contributed by financial activities, Hong Kong is world famous re-export hub around the global because in it's back is the world food factory, China, and surrounding by great architecture neighborhood, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia ... etc.

Many of our customers used to input raw materials from China, manufactured, bottled or packaged or in Taiwan or directly here in Hong Kong and re-export to Europe countries, so that all things could be well controlled and closely monitored with highest efficiency and minimal cost.

Why Hong Kong so special

where you seldom find elsewhere

Market Choice

Hong Kong is small and therefore a concentrated market that allows you receive quick and valuable response for any quality modification.

New Ideas

Hong Kong is diversify enough to accept any new stuff, ideas and innovations as soon as it is great and with potential.

Aim at bigger market

Aimed at a bigger market, like China. Hong Kong is a wonderful market for you to try and error before you are ready.

Supports and Resources

Govn't supports and all sorts of talents and resources to enable you to build your best business model in live and ready for expansion

Stage for your show

An energetic, aspiration location to bring all sparks together for you to innovate further with a greater success.

Full of Opportunities

With minimal restraint, you can explore all kind of opportunities with your skills and network, without limitation.

Hong Kong is Special

Long term benefits that

you don't want to miss out

Long Term Benefits

Franchising your successful case

Hong Kong is well equipped with all the talents, resources to register your brand and relevant IP rights, so that you can easily duplicate or franchise your successful case to other Asia region.

3D Splash

Continue absorb the East to match the West

Hong Kong is the top place to get all the freshest ideas and most brilliant ideas of the East and allow you to test and trial before you bring them to the West, where here is always and always will be the best laboratory for you to experiment and create new innovations that put you to another success.

Calculate Savings

Economic Substance - always remember

As soon as you successfully created economic substance in Hong Kong, you can apply Certificate of Tax Residency to claim double tax treaty and make good use of your Hong Kong company as good investment vehicle to other Asia opportunities

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