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4 rules to choose a reliable agent to set up your Hong Kong company

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

Continue to the previous blog post about "Why you need an agent to setup and maintain your Hong Kong company?", next step forward of course is to find a reliable, trustworthy agent to build a long term relationship with. There are many agents available out there, in our experience, most of out clients concern about 1) Engaged with a scam; 2) Paying too much for too less.

Services level vs Cost

If you approach an international law firm or consultancy for a basic private Hong Kong company, it is no surprise a fee will range from USD2,500 to USD6,000 because the salary of staff that serve you, the office rental ... etc. all are sky high. Don't jump to conclusion that it is over-charge, clients approach to these firms usually because of specific purpose, for example setting up a special purpose vehicle / a structure on fund, investment, pre-IPO planning, merger and acquisition work, all these works require wide range of expert teams and networks from legal, accounting, financing, and investment banking where quite a lot of tailor-made arrangement is required. In short, how much you pay usually linked with the service level in return, and therefore, more important is that you know what you need, how professional you want and select the right agent that matches you most.

What is reasonable cost?

Always compare before engage. Remember you want to engage with an agent that you can work with for a long term successful relationship, as soon as the price is within your affordable range and not too extreme (either too high or too low), instead of choosing the lowest price agent, try to work with an agent that can answer your questions, that you can dig out more value-added service and get more knowledge on how to build-up your business with this new company, an agent that can become your business partner is much important than one-off charge of the company setup fee.

Clear, transparency and easy to understand

  • Cost:- engage with a firm that shows you all necessary service fees, government fees and on-going fees; WITHOUT any unclear disbursements or handling fee, where you can well aware with a clear with transparency cost structure without hidden costs;

  • Staff:- you should be assigned with a dedicated person with clear contact information that allows you to talk with, email communicate with and even Skype video-conference to facilitate face-to-face interaction;

  • Deliverable:- with website, email, quotation or engagement letter to show what you will get upon completion of job, willing to explain what you need and why you need and when you need a service with an easy to understand way of manner.

Responsive and Responsible

Although there is time zone different or holiday gaps, normally a proper response should be available within 24 hours, further that, a response should be direct and clear to the point.

If you are looking for an agent, give us a chance!!

Feel free to check out our website - Hong Kong company Incorporation for more information or simply send us an email ( with below initial information:-

Your name and contact information (email & contact number)

Your preferred company name

Number of shares and amount of capital (default 10,000 shares in HKD10,000)

Name and address of shareholder(s) and % of shareholding

Name and address of director(s) (at least one (1) person director)

Registered office address (default CatcherBiz office address)

Name and address of company secretary (default CatcherBiz as company secretary)

We wish all clients can find their best match agent to focus the time and energy to develop and grow the business. Do share and add more comments to furnish this articles to help more dream catcher to reach their goal.

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