How to come up with a Good Business Name?

There are many blogs and websites out there you can pick up tips and rules on how to choose a company name. During my time brain storming my own business name, I personally find it a more complex process; also hard to position next step once I got stuck. This article might not be the best, yet, this is my own true story to share, hope you like it.

Story of my company name

My company is called “CatcherBiz Limited”. It is a company aims to provide company setup and corporate advisory services in Hong Kong, facilitating entrepreneurs to catch their business opportunities.

So, it actually took me 9 months to settle with this company name, much longer than I thought. Sure, you can finish in shorter time frame, this is only to illustrate that come up with your own company name will not be a ONE-day task but requires patience to generate the sparks in your brain. Let’s start my sharing:-

All begin with your business aspiration