How can I find a salesman in Hong Kong?

This is an extended answer to the Quora question I wrote previously and I find it interesting to share a little more to keep as one of my blog posts.

Sales force is critical to the success of your business. In this article, you will know much more how Hong Kong job market and how to hire a great talent to boost your business to next level.

There are two main streams of hiring in Hong Kong:-

  • Hire by yourself, that is to setup a Hong Kong company and sign the employment contract with the staff directly;

  • Outsource to recruitment agent, that is to leave all the hard work to the agent, and you can focus more on the business side, just that usually means a little hire cost compare to perform it in-house;

Hire by yourself

First of all, you need to setup a Hong Kong company, and you can always visit our website for more ideas. Then, you need to setup a bank account for the operation expenses of your company, such as renting an office space, or for payroll purpose later-on. Now first step is to post your job advertising, and in Hong Kong, online recruitment channel is very popular; below with some resources for your reference:-

Recruitment channels