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How can I find a salesman in Hong Kong?

This is an extended answer to the Quora question I wrote previously and I find it interesting to share a little more to keep as one of my blog posts.

Sales force is critical to the success of your business. In this article, you will know much more how Hong Kong job market and how to hire a great talent to boost your business to next level.

There are two main streams of hiring in Hong Kong:-

  • Hire by yourself, that is to setup a Hong Kong company and sign the employment contract with the staff directly;

  • Outsource to recruitment agent, that is to leave all the hard work to the agent, and you can focus more on the business side, just that usually means a little hire cost compare to perform it in-house;

Hire by yourself

First of all, you need to setup a Hong Kong company, and you can always visit our website for more ideas. Then, you need to setup a bank account for the operation expenses of your company, such as renting an office space, or for payroll purpose later-on. Now first step is to post your job advertising, and in Hong Kong, online recruitment channel is very popular; below with some resources for your reference:-

Recruitment channels

Labour Department (FREE!! For low skill jobs or entry level jobs) JobsDB (Most popular online recruitment platform in HK) (online recruitment platform by Classified Post) CTgoodjobs (online platform by Careers Times) JiuJik (online recruitment platform by SCMP, more on low skill jobs) Recruit (With free job magazine distributed at MTR and other transportation) Job Market (Another free job magazine distributed at MTR and other transportation)

In Hong Kong, for a sales position, we usually call it a “Business Development” role in which industry, where you can make reference to other job advertisement on what content should be added.

With resumes of potential candidates, you can shortlist several of them for an interview and see if they match with your expectation.

Employment contract

Finally, you should arrange a written employment contract for engagement, the Labour Department has prepared a sample employment contract and note for preparing an employment contract.

Payroll, MPF and Insurance

Upon the staff on-board, there are also payroll, MPF and employment insurance to follow up with, and here below with some more links to respective resources:-

Hiring through a recruitment agent

If you find it quite time consuming to arrange all the hiring work by yourself, there are many agents that helps client for all hiring process, you can find relevant information from below link:-

They can perform one-stop service range from post job advertising, screening candidates, and arrange video conference for you with Skype or Google Hangouts, then, drafting of employment contract for engagement.

Some of them can also provide you a fixed cost HR administration service afterwards, which should include:-

Employee Record Maintenance; Payroll Administration and payroll slip issuance; MPF Administration; Leave Administration; Taxation Filing; and HR Reports Preparation;

Depends on the nature of the business, the arrangement would be different, if you need more information or resources, please feel free to drop us an email at or leave us a message here.