Chapter 01 - Lost in the Mists

Chapter 01 - Lost in the Mists

Day 0.0000001 - Circling around ...... Almost lost in the Mists

After I have the first insight that I can actually still change in the way I wanted, I was so excited at the very beginning, and I have so many things that I wanted to have

  • Making MORE money

  • Have unlimited energy and super healthy

  • Strong mindset, Confident, Claim, while Charming, Happy with Empathy

  • Build up my own business

I dig into the Internet, Google, Facebook, and Youtube for all kinds of articles, methods, tips, suggestions, motivational quotes, chicken soups, things like:- 

  • 10 methods of building self-confident as a senior management level

  • How to build up your passive incomes with less than HKD20k income

  • Two kinds of persons that affect your whole life

  • 20 things that everyone should know about

  • Lessons that teach you to win the trust of others

It actually lasts for over 1 year ... and I have gained nothing.  Because there are so many interesting things that make me feel good, make me feel so wise and full of wisdom.  The fact is, I lost in the Mists.

Day 01 - Something to start with - Take your real first step

Then, after afterward until one day ... ... I was helping my boss removing some stuff in his apartment for a small renovation, and there was a pair of dumbbells, 10lb each, very traditional type (similar to the photo), together with the trash that is going to be thrown away.   I grab one of them and do several arm curl, my boss noticed that, and ask me to have them if I can put them to good use.  

That 10lb dumbbell looks similar to this one

I was thin and weak (I am still weak right now ...), yet, I started to do some exercise, and that finally makes changes

  1. The pain after exercise kept me a fresher mind;

  2. The pain made me realized that I have nothing really changed in the past years because I wasn't put any effort on actual stuff, not a plan, not an objection to achieve, not a new habit that creating a better self ~ no pain no gain;

  3. The pain that the 10lb dumbbell brought me to the reality that I should stop day-dreaming of finding a super-easy way to get one-step success, the world has no short-cut, I can only lift such a lightweight at the beginning and get a little stronger through Day-to-Day practice

Finally, I committed something to take action with

1)  Exercise ~ 2-3 time every week;

     (Best Dumbbell Exercises You Can Do From Home)

2)  Find a book to read ~ actually read till the end and learn something      "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" was that first book

     (Rich Dad, Poor Dad ebook)

3)  Lowering sugar intake ~ You are what you eat;

4)  Write an actual business plan

     (ACCS Global - Business Plans and Cashflow)

Although I think this kind of "Lost in the Mists" is part of the journey to go through, I hope you find this sharing helpful and ready to start doing something.  Life is too short to waste and to regret, let's begin NOW!!!


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