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Chapter 03 - Persistence is a Habit

Updated: Aug 23, 2019

Persistence is a Habit

One thing I realize its meaning only after I started my action plan is the word "Persistence".

The true fact about "Persistence" is actually not a mindset or not any kind of motivation that can build up.  My work that persists long enough to success is only by means of building them as a habit, and I am still using habit to trick myself adopting things that value to my lifelong goal.

Why is that?  Allow me to explain a little bit by below is an easy to understand illustration on how I interpret about "Motivation vs Habit"

Motivation vs Habit

As you can tell or imagine, most of the time, the rewards or feelings that motivate us will trigger us to ask for more and more (higher dose of motivation), or else, we will lose the momentum to continue, because our basic instinct always guiding us to avoid any hardship in life.

While habit is different, it is usually related to 

  • Needs - Eating, Sleeping, Having Sex

  • Responsibilities - As a Mother to take care of her baby, feeding your dog/cat 

  • Duties - Back to work on time, sharing housework with your husband/wife

  • Training - Brushing our teeth, taking a shower every day

Correct, "Training" is the direction you should look for to create your habit that turns into "Persistence", and we found you a great article to start with so that you are not making your action plan, but "Training Plan".

My experience is that motivation is good for me to initiate a new habit, where I will try to join a course if that is available, or a gift for myself after I have achieved a certain level.  For example, I invited my friend to go for a TRX course at the beginning, and I reward myself by buying myself a TRX Boxset after two (2) months of training to transform the work from the course room to my home, then, I work another 1 month in parallel with the training course and at home to ensure that I have formed the new habit.

a TRX BoxSet

Then, what keeps me moving forward is the habit established as a routine rather than the gift I ready for myself.

Of course, there are still lots of chicken soup articles, YouTube ... talking about training your mindset to become a persistence and successful person, however, I have a different point of view on that and I will explain in the next article.

Hope this article gives you some insight and benefits you in starting your own Startup Journey.  If you are ready to commence your business, please free free to drop us an email at for a talk and see if a Hong Kong company is suitable for you.

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Jun 22, 2022

Good readding

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