HK Co. Essentials - Apostille, Legalization and China Attestation in Hong Kong

Apostille and Legalization are usually an "Either-Or" arrangement after completion of the notary public for Hong Kong corporate documents using overseas, and today, you are going to know the difference between Apostille and Legalization, this article is a brief outline of Apostille, Legalization and China Attestation arrangements in Hong Kong.

Difference between Apostille and Legalization

Apostille and Legalization are different terms that carry similar meanings, to authenticate or verify a document that is produced locally while to be used in a foreign country. For countries that signed the Hague Apostille Convention, they share the common procedure to authenticate or verify a document, and that procedure is called "Apostille"; then, for the rest of the countries, they follow their own procedure that usually called "Legalization" or any other terms, for example, in China, it is called "China Attestation".

A simple way to know what procedure you should follow is to check whether the country you use the documents, is a part of the Hague Convention country; and here is the link to the Hague Apostille List of Countries and Authorities, and feel free to utilize below flow chart for your easy reference.

Apostille or Legalization Selection Flow Chart