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Cost of Company Set Up in Hong Kong


(01) Statutory Government Fees of Company Set Up in Hong Kong

(A Private Limited Company by Shares)

(02) Professional Service Fees of Company Set Up in Hong Kong

(by CatcherBiz Limited)

Quick Start - Incorporation Only.jpg

Package 01

Value Choice for Hong Kong Residency

  • Paper Works on Formation of a Hong Kong Limited Company by Shares

  • Submission to Companies Registry

Essential - Incorporation and Maintenanc

Package 02

Most Selected Package for Foreigners 

  • Paper Works on Formation of a Hong Kong Limited Company by Shares

  • Submission to Companies Registry

  • 1-year Acting as Company Secretary

  • 1-year Registered Office Address Service

  • 1-year Acting as Designated Representative in Hong Kong

  • 1-year Due Diligence, Compliance and Mandatory Record Keeping

Plus - Incorporation Main and Bank.jpg

Package 03

Total Package with Hassle Free 

  • All Services in Package 02

  • Assisting in Hong Kong Corporate Bank Account Opening - Get you from ready to successful

  • Pre-evaluation Advice and Assessment to list out possible bank choices that best fit your nature of business

Simple 3-Steps of Company Set Up in Hong Kong

(A Private Limited Company by Shares)


Step 01 - Get in Touch

  • Email us at

  • CatcherBiz will revert to you asap with a dedicated customer service officer assigned
    We will check with you

    • The Business of your Hong Kong company, thus the Package that best fit your needs

    • Preferred Company Names (English/Chinese) for FREE Hong Kong company name search

    • Company Structure or Adopt the Default Company Structure

      • Sole Shareholder + Sole Director by yourself

      • HKD10,000.00 in 10,000 ordinary shares

      • Company Secretary by CatcherBiz

      • Registered Address Service by CatcherBiz

      • Designation Representative in Hong Kong by CatcherBiz

    • Passport (Specimen) and Address proof copy (Specimen)​ of ALL shareholders, directors and ultimate beneficial owners

  • Preferred Time for a FREE online consultation - Any inquiry in your mind should be answered before engagement


Step 02 - Order Confirmation and Payment

  • When you are ready, by signing the Company Purchase Order Form of CatcherBiz, we will share you our invoice for your payment arrangement

  • Without delay, CatcherBiz will start working for you, we will

  • So that once the payment record received, we can send to you by email immediately

Step 03 - Submission to Companies Registry in Hong Kong

  • For paper submission (Company Structure involves corporate shareholder/director), upon receiving of the signed documents in Hong Kong, 5-7 working days for the government to complete the incorporation process

  • For e-registration (Company Structure with Individual (natural persons), 1-2 working days for the government to the company incorporation process

  • Once your company incorporated, we will first notify you by email.  In the next 2-3 working days, CathcherBiz will tidy up your Company Kit and ready with the Company Chops, then send out to your designated address


Definitive Guides

  • Get more information and resources about Hong Kong Company from our Definitive Guides

    • Doing Business in Hong Kong - 16 Reasons why you should choose Hong Kong for starting your business and what's your country authorities comment about it​

    • Company Set Up in Hong Kong - ALL you need to know, Company Name Search, Benefits, WorkFlow, Cost, Requirements, Business License, and more

What you will get?

What's inside a Company Kit?

Company Kit
Share Certificate
Register of Member
Register of Members
Company Chops
Contents of a Company Kit -
A Private Limited Company in Hong Kong
  • Company Profile

  • Statutory Documents

    • Certificate of Incorporation

    • Business Registration Certificate

    • Filed NNC1 (Incorporation Form)

    • Articles of Association

  • IRBR200 (Notification of Commencement of Business)

  • First Board of Director(s) Resolution

  • Application of Shares

  • Consent to Act as Director

  • Consent to Act as Secretary

  • Registers

    • Register of Directors

    • Register of Secretarys

    • Register of Members

    • Register of Charges

  • Significant Controllers Register

  • Share Certificate(s)

  • Authorized Signature Chop

  • Round Chop

  • Company chop specimen record

Co Kit

Key Statutory Documents of a Hong Kong Company

Cerificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incorporation


  • Commonly as "CI"

  • Proof of the existence of your company

  • Carry below important information

    • Company number

    • Company name (English and/or Chinese)

    • Type of company

    • Incorporation Date

  • You can perform company search (HERE)

  • Issued by Companies Registry (WEBSITE)

Business Registration (BR)
Business Registration Certificate


  • Commonly as "BR"

  • Proof of carries on a business of your company

  • Carry below important information

    • Company name (English and/or Chinese)

    • Address of place of business

    • Business Name or Branch Name (Optional)

    • Nature of business

    • Company legal status

    • The certificate number, also as tax number

    • Period of validity, either 1 year or 3 years

  • You can perform business registration search (HERE)

  • Issued by Inland Revenue Department (WEBSITE)

  • Specimen of BR also available (HERE)

  • More information about business registration (HERE)

Incorporaton Form (NNC1)
Incorporation Form (NNC1)

  • Commonly as "NNC1"

  • Mandatory form to submit to Companies Registry 

  • Requires to provide below information

    • Company name (English and/or Chinese)

    • Registered office address

    • Share capital

    • Founder member(s)

    • Director(s)

    • Company secretary

  • How to incorporate a local limited company (HERE)

  • Specimen of NNC1 also available (HERE)

  • More information about incorporation (HERE)

Articles of Association
Articles of Association


  • Commonly as "AA"

  • The articles on how to manage the company in accordances to the Companies Ordinance

  • Memorandum of Association has abolished

  • Object Clause is optional, therefore, the company can engage in multiple businesses

  • Samples from companies registry are available for the company to adopt or modify

  • Carry below essential elements

    • Company name (English and/or Chinese)

    • Share Capital and Initial Shareholdings (On formation)

    • Mandatory articles

  • Specimen of AA (Sample A) also available (HERE)

  • More information about articles of association (HERE)

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