Competitive Edge of using Hong Kong company

as Investment Vehicle

We helped clients setting up different companies as investment vehicles (BVI, SEY, CAY … etc.).  Other than then, CatcherBiz also helped clients in setting up Hong Kong company as an investment vehicle as well, below with several common use of Hong Kong company as an investment vehicle and the reasons that our clients choose Hong Kong instead of those well-known off-shore investment vehicles.


Common Use of Hong Kong company as Investment Vehicle


Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise

Chinese (Simplified Chinese) as the official language, where most of the Hong Kong documents support both English and Chinese.


Another thing is that China in NOT a member of the Hague Apostille, where Hong Kong with an Association of China-Appointed Attesting Officers Limited to arrange relevant notarization of corporate documents for using in China.

Due to One-Country-Two-System, Hong Kong entity often with certain benefits due to policy advantages.



Stock, Funds, Bonds, Currencies, Commodities, insurance, ETFs ... etc.;

Hong Kong with a wide range and diversity of investment products to fit different risk appetite at different stage of economic cycle and can modify your portfolio at ease.

Any information are first-hand, reliable, comprehensive, up-to-date, with mature and well developed tools and apps to enable you to manage your investment closer.

Full of investment talents, so that if you are too busy with your core business, you can always out-source it or hire someone to manage it for you.

Asia Opportunities

High growth business in Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam ... etc.

Real Estate, Properties, or any other business / partnership opportunities.

Most of the corporate bank accounts of Hong Kong support multi-currency commonly used world-wide with excellent bank facilities, so that apart from making transactions; loan, mortgage and other tools to leverage your investment returns.

Also, the quality of Hong Kong lawyer is trustworthy to protect you against certain business and litigation risk.

Excellent legal platform and gateway to reach all sort of Asia (China) investment opportunities.

Intelligence Property

Trademark, Copyright, Patent, Designs

The framework of IP protection in Hong Kong is mutual, most importantly, in 2006, Hong Kong and China entered into an arrangement for mutual recognition of certain civil judgments which may include IP-related judgments.


Such that Hong Kong often used for receiving royalties for the right to use the intellectual property, also, to control, manage and assign the factories when using your intellectual property on manufacturing your products.

Bringing these examples together, Hong Kong company is a mid-shore, where certain operations are allowed to empower the business model and enhance the effective and efficient making cross-border investments, resulting directly contribute a better return of an investment, which can promote further growth, sustainable and in a health way all together.

Instant Benefits

You MUST know


Long term leverage and utilizing Hong Kong company as an independent investment vehicle

Left Hook

This is the time for Tax Authorities to close the net and catch those tax avoidance, base erosion, profit shifting business.  Instead of leaving potential risk on being suspicious, let's establish tax / business / economic substance in Hong Kong, then officially apply for Certificate of Tax Residence Status:-

Certificate of Tax Residence


With the Certificate of Tax Residence Status, the Hong Kong should be treated as an independent separate entity, such that profit tax should be paid in accordance to Hong Kong tax law, and only certain passive income, for example, dividend, royalties, interests ... etc. are taxable at home country, while at a reduced rate:-

Double Taxation Relief

Different Shades of Eggs

Don't put all your eggs in one basket.  Upon one successful case developed, you may wish to setup new entities for engaging other new investment projects and trying to maintain the investment profits simple and pure for tax authorities keep approving your double taxation treaty.

Further Diversify the Risk Profile

Go Team

The tax ruling around the global is evolving, even we might not as big as Google, Apple or Facebook, it is always wise to get the most updated information and development and prepare in advance, wise choose your partner!!

Europe hits Google with a third, $1.7 billion antitrust fine

Apple has paid the Irish government €14.3bn (£12.7bn), money that the European Commission ruled the tech giant owed due to illegal tax breaks.

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Hong Kong Company Search Report

We also know that you might also looking for Hong Kong investment opportunities, before engage, perhaps you would like to conduct a search about the company, and we are pleased to share you with our Hong Kong Company Search Report service:-


 SAMPLE - Hong Kong Company Search Report

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