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Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 -



Magic Reveal 01 –

Shift your position with

a second identity

Wearing Different Hats.jpg

Just like wearing different hats in different events.

Let’s meet Dave, a client, then become a friend of mine.  Everything began in 2014, Dave approaching me for setting up his Hong Kong company, at that moment, he was in Shanghai, and thinking of trading Blue Jeans to Málaga, which is his home city in Spain.   Setting up the Hong Kong company was an easy job, and we completed it in a one-week time, then, he wanted to open a Hong Kong bank account, and that becomes a difficult part.  Because Dave was doing the China Sourcing work in solo, and the only business proof that he has was some handwriting paper (Cash Memos) from some local marketers in China, and the volume was small, about 100-200 pcs per month.  Please take special note that in the middle of 2014, it was the turning point that the banks in Hong Kong strengthening the KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements, where Dave was a rather weak case at the point of view of the banker.


Because the bank account has declined by the bank account opening application, but we wanted to help Dave as he is a young legitimate businessman; we started to look into the ways that put him through this situation.  One of the most critical moves making us discover this game-changer winning guide is that we put Dave’s Hong Kong company listed onto EC21 ( and HKTDC ( for FREE.  The original purpose was to build up a more recognized business case for the bank side to approve (kind of formality), the result way exceeded our expectation.  Dave received actual inquiries and have new developments there later-on.  As far as we know, he was selling jeans and other products to Portugal and France as well with a turnover of around HKD8 million per annum by the year ended 31 December 2017 under our records.


Okay, do you find Dave’s successful case interesting?

Would you like to know the secrets behind and apply the same for your business?


We extracted the most valuable elements of Dave’s case and examined them with purpose; then, we transform them into valuable tools and arrangements and combine them as a system, which is this ultimate winning guide, so that you can now simply follow it step by step to create your own success. 

The first very valuable element to reveal is about shifting your position with the second identity, that’s we made Dave listing onto EC21 ( and HKTDC (  Why is this so important?  Let us take a look at the below illustration.

Standard Ching Sourcing Agent

We helped Dave shifting and expanding his exposure by creating

the second identity as a "Seller and Exporter in Hong Kong"

onto all the popular online China Sourcing platforms

Shift Position as Seller and

Okay, what are the great things about being a Seller and Exporters company in Hong Kong?

  1. He received inquiries from NEW groups of customers in other countries that he never thought of, an undiscovered market that he now can proactively reach them and get a chance to connect with;

  2. A chance to get Larger Order; it was about one year after his business was being listed in the online platforms, he received an inquiry of a very large order on one of his highlighted products, and that’s the turning point in making his business really grow big;

  3. Learn to put into the shoes of the Suppliers.  Another great sharing by Dave is that being a Seller and Exporter, he started to understand some of the difficulties of the suppliers, and he was then able to protect and make friends with some suppliers with long trustworthy relationships, which is a very remarkable achievement in Dave’s China Sourcing Agent success;

  4. Most Importantly, an identity without Bias
    According to Dave, he was biased by his customers in the early China Sourcing life as some of the customers questioned him in getting a hidden commission from the factories, which made him very frustrated and disappointed.  But with his identity as a Hong Kong Exporter and Seller, the customers are more professional and mutual in general.  Dave found the deal (if successful) is better in terms of payment and higher chance to get re-order


There are more benefits as mentioned by Dave, and we will reveal them to you upon your engagement with our service.  Remember, after you set up your Hong Kong company, you still retain your original identity as a China Sourcing Agent, we simply help you to create a second identity that allows you to get reach with more business opportunities


In a nutshell, a Hong Kong company enabled Dave a brand-new identity that is more trustworthy for the bank to accept his bank account opening application, and also escalated him to another level of his trading business.  At this initial chapter, if you already discovered the hidden value behind setting up a Hong Kong company, you can already come to us at to get your free quote, and sharing the magic word “Referred by Dave” to get the special early bird offer.

Key takeaways: Company is a tool.  Wisely choose this tool will create a drastic difference in What Enterprise you could build and How Far you could reach.  CatcherBiz is the toolsmith ready to show you the best tool that best fits your business.

The first three (3) chapters that we prepared for you on

Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 - 采购代理的终极赢家指南




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