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Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 -



Magic Reveal 03 –

Business is all about

Trust and Relationship

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How much are your comfortable investing to get your business growing TEN (10) fold that is sustainable with ALL under your control and that's not something paid advertising can compare.

The purpose of this Winning Guide is about getting NEW business opportunities through a NEW identity, NEW platforms.  While, most of all, the core strategy behind that you can create a NEW level of trust stepping onto a bigger and bigger stage through your Hong Kong company. 

You heard about Rich Dad Poor Dad, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki?  He is super rich wasn’t because what he did in accordance with his book, sell low and buy high on the property market, but because of selling books and other side products and services in relation to his book.


As of March 2019, Rich Dad sold 32 million copies of his book, assuming get only $1 per book sold (definitely not that little), that’s already 32 million!!!  Then, what does it means?  That means you need your skills (China Sourcing) to start your business, but what makes you super success will be “Trust and Relationship” that you build with your customers and that’s exactly what CatcherBiz wanted to gear you up with.  We are similar to a “Gym Trainer”, we will show you, guide you and work alongside you with all our plans, tools and arrangement, while it is your body, your control and your decision on the final result of what you want.


Let us put ourselves into the position of the buyers or your customers for a minute.

Q1.   When you want to source a product, let’s say a PowerBank, where will you get a fast checking of potential suppliers?  A) (the online business directory); or B) ?? You don’t need to answer me, simply keep it in your mind.


Q2.  As there are so many China Suppliers (over 10 thousand), and you want a comparison as a second quotation (which usually needs 3-5 quotations, correct?) to begin with, so you wanted to find a supplier (seller / exporter) from elsewhere, which country of the supplier that you will obtain your second quotation from below drop down manual under Alibaba platform?

Countries Choices.jpg

Very likely, you will choose Hong Kong, WHY?


Further that, when you have below two (2) company introductions, which one will you prefer?


  1. "We are a leading (Romania/Turkey/Ghana/UK)-based exporter with over xx years of China Sourcing Experience and with a keen focus in Spain, UK, US, and France with excellent knowledge of relevant import standards and requirements … "


  1. “We are a leading Hong Kong-based exporter with over xx years of professional China Sourcing Experience and with a keen focus in Spain, UK, US, and France with excellent knowledge of relevant import standards and requirements … ”


Be honest, when you matching the location of the exporter with the target countries, do you think Hong Kong is a universal match?  So, why is it related to “Trust”?  The basic fundamental in building trust and relationship is that you have a rational status to get a conversation, right?  It’s just like in YouTube, Kobe Brain sharing about how to do a few tricks on basketball, and Messi to show you how to do a football trick, you will more likely to click into it as that’s what they are famous about and already giving you an underlying feeling of trustworthy.


This is the same for being a Hong Kong company when facing your customers.  Because Hong Kong part of China, and reputable in doing international export business, and let say if they find your website is linked to HKTDC, immediately, they will have a feeling that you are a reliable company that can send an inquiry to ask for a quotation.  Do you think this will bring more confidence and creditability if your HKTDC webpage showing that your company is a verified one already?

Verified at HKTDC.jpg

Remember, nowadays most of the buyers, especially the big one, they will always perform a verification process before engaging with any new supplier.


You are professional in your field, and we wanted a more reliable China Sourcing Agent like you being discovered, and this is the whole New Business Accelerator (NBA) program about, to grow together and bring the market alive so that we all benefit as a whole.

Trust through HK Company.jpg

We are CatcherBiz, the Business Enabler to gear you up with the secret tools and arrangements so that you can Catch your new Business opportunities.  Simply engage with us to set up your Hong Kong company, or transfer your existing Hong Kong company to under our administration so that we can guide you through step-by-step. 


If you still haven’t engaged our service, simply send us an email at, and we will get back to you to get things started.  This is an investment that worth doing, this is certainly better than you put money to get the expensive Google ads, the conversion rate will definitely better, and everything are under your control, like a Gym Beginner, the more you practice, the better result you will get.

The first three (3) chapters that we prepared for you on

Strategic China Sourcing – Ultimate Winning Guide for Sourcing Agents

战略性中国采购 - 采购代理的终极赢家指南




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